Monday, September 11, 2006


It is increasingly difficult to be left out as the odd man. So when Rajaram decided to blog his way around the wired world, I HAD to do it!

So, I set about. What do I say about myself? I am mad about Indian Railways - so mad that I share this passion with more than 3000 members of the IRFCA.

Coming to my madness, I am usually at the door of the compartment whenever I travel - it has now become the norm for my wife and kids to say "He also came with us". The moment the luggage is set under the seats, I head out for the door to do a hundred things that even a railway official does not. There are so many stories that I like to share, particularly my trip reports - written from notes scrawled over a trip on a train. Many of these will be up shortly alongside and are pretty long and perfectly satiate the hunger of a fellow railfan and bore to death an ordinary reader. My family has rode out this madness of mine - I now put the blogworld to the same test!


Blogger Brahmma Raju said...


A Blog is not just a diary- which is for your eyes alone. Blog is a magazine of yours. So spread the word around and people would start visiting your blog. Who knows, a couple of years down the line, we may even see a Google adds in your blog. start calling up friends and start spread around the world. All the best. I would like to see more non-railway stories here. I think You've gotta good nose for non-railway stuff too. Pharma matters for instance... Even Insurance too.. Let it not be Monochromatic dhadak-dhadak stuff. That's already taken care of your IRFCA stuff. Let your kids too enjoy reading after, say, five to ten years. All the best.


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