Tuesday, December 25, 2007


On the anniversary of the Tsunami of the 26th December, a wave of emotion will sweep me on the evening of 26th December 2007, as I bid goodbye to the Oriental Insurance Company Limited.

Yes, the Voluntary Retirement that I sought has been granted and I will be leaving Oriental at the close of office hours on 26th December 2007. It will be a departure marked by poignant memories of my career in Oriental.

As I rewind to that balmy 9th February morning of 1987, I can recall reporting for my first day, filling up forms and completing formalities in a PSU – a large Insurance Company. I was out to the stationery department, and shortly thereafter, I would come up to the main building to the Accounts Department.

The last twenty one years have passed with me number crunching – about a fortnight every month for the Payroll reports of Tamilnadu and initially, Cochin Regions – then only for the TN Region. I was also interested in having my hand in every pie our department baked – the Inter Office Accounts, Cash handling, analysis of accounts – I have seen them all. I have also been associated with twenty year end Audits, and have handled the Auditors and their queries to the best of my ability. I must, however, submit that my stint at the Internal Audit Department was not even to my satisfaction. Probably my heart lay elsewhere – read the Accounts Department, and I looked forward to my regular visits to assist my parent department.

I leave with a sense of satisfaction of having done my bit – a very small bit, though, in making up the sum total of what Oriental is today. I also leave with a sense of what if….. I am sure I could have done much better, only my laziness and circumstances, more of the former, which held me back.

I might have treaded on a lot of toes – to all those colleagues, wherever they are – my sincere apologies. It was unintentional and probably in the heat of the moment. A lot of people with whom I have worked have been instrumental in my contribution – and to them – my sincere gratitude. I cannot name them individually, but if they are reading, all those colleagues will know that they are part of this large group. I look forward to all your best wishes in shaping my future.

A word about my career. Neither blessed with intelligence or academic diligence, I chose what was best in 1987 – a career with a Government organization. We did not have the luxury of a booming economy then, and this was the choice of a rare few. Today, as the economy is booming, jobs are to be had for the teens, I look forward to a new career with hope. The elders might be aghast at my quitting a secure job – the youngsters look at me with awe when I say that I am twenty one years in one organization! In a way, we are those who have fallen between two stools – I am sure there are many comforting hands for me – should I fall.

Thanks again – for a wonderful time at Oriental, and looking forward to your continued best wishes.

May God bless Oriental and all of you and your families with all good things in life.


Blogger rajaram said...

Dear Sridhar

Looking back, i remember the day on which i met you first, sometime on the second week of June, when our school re opened after the summer hols. I was new to the school and there you were, sitting on the first row far left. looking lost, i have freeze framed the initial moments when you offered me a seat in that 'bench'. well, it's been such a free flowing journey for us since and i am really quite happy for you to have taken the bow at last. Initially, i had my own doubts as to whether you'd have to courage to do so...
Hope this long innings does not happen at your new place. i know you have the ability to learn and analyse quickly and it is high time that you used this talent quickly. Looking forward to seeing you reaching greater heights in the years to come!

Blogger madras maverick said...


Change is good. It might be difficult in the beginning. But it is going to work out great for you. wish you the very best in your new venture and enjoy the economic boom.

Blogger Krishna Kumar.S said...

Dear Sridhar Joshi,

I wish you all the very best. Good luck! I am very happy and proud to know that you have worked in an organization for 21 years. This is something very great and I appreciate it very much. My age is now your experience.

-Krishna Kumar.S


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