Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Divine history has a way of repeating itself – and how divine it feels when that happens.

As is the norm, on the first day of the calendar year, Veena and I visited the Ayyappan temple in Perambur for a Ganapathy Homam. We were a bit late – the coziness that engulfs us in a warm blanket on a cold morning contributed – arriving as the Homam was nearing its end. After paying a quick obeisance to Ayyappan, the presiding deity, we joined the queue to get the prasadam bag for the Ganapathy Homam. After we were done with it, a second queue beckoned.

Picking up our dhonnais, we joined the queue and were treated to a wonderful dollop of kesari, a variant of the shira, as it is known locally. That over, we went to the Ganapathy temple at a street corner, a couple of hundred metres away. We were lucky to witness the full abhishekam. After that, we walked back to near the Ayyappan temple to pick up our two-wheeler. That was when divinity intervened.

The kesari was finished, and divinity has substituted a huge container of – you guessed it right – Pongal. Like I did in this post, I walked in again, joined the queue and helped myself to a yummy dollop of Pongal.

Divine start to 2014 indeed!

Happy New Year to all of you.


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