Sunday, August 03, 2008


I have put myself in a rather piquant situation – and I am now waiting for the day that I will tide over the situation. Well, it is just about a day off for rest!

The workweek from Monday to Friday is something normal that I am used to – even the long hours not so frequently. That is not a problem. The issue is the weekends. I have joined a course that costs me a bomb – but a very good one at that; one that will be a value addition given my language and writing skills in English. I am putting my modesty on the line in claiming to be slightly better than average in my English writing.

It is this course – on weekends from 0930 to 1800 hrs that is putting all the pressure on me. No weekends – even a class missed is about a grand down the drain. I am determined to make these few weeks of classes count; thankfully there are, as of today, two less weekends to handle.

At the end of it all, I am not sure I will be one of the greatest writers English has ever found. I am not sure I will be one of the greatest English communicators that an IT company ever found. I am not sure this course, which I paid king’s ransom for completing, will pay me back handsomely as a money-spinner. I am sure, though, about one thing. I will take a Friday off, make it a three day weekend, and let my hair down the way only I can – a rail trip!

So, members of IRFCA, keep your eyes and ears open. You might just find a chance to be on the same train as the not so greatest English communicator!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May be dear Sridhar! May be, but Me for sure expect your writing to be atleast on par with that of the great "Nirmal Sekhar", of "The Hindu", or my all time favourite,Sri. Ramachandra Guha. Keep writing and make others happy through your musings.

From your friend,


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