Monday, August 10, 2009


Yes, the Landmark Quiz at Chennai on Independence Day is THE biggest Open quiz ever in India.

Yes, Landmark has been on since 1989, and Rajaram has been there every year, at least until 2008.

Yes, Landmark has been on since 1989, and I have been there with Rajaram every minute he was there.

Yes, till 2008 we were probably two of the very very few people who had marked attendance at every Landmark.

Yes, we have never made it to the stage at Landmark.

Yes, we have never probably crossed 25 in the prelims.

Yes, in spite of all that, there has never been a quiz more enjoyable.

Yes, we have cheered every team that has made it to the final, more so QED.

Yes, it has now become more of an ‘intellectual’ picnic for us—packing snacks and what not.

Yes, every year we diligently write down events and topics to read more about, but we end up where we started—always off stage.

Yes, who will change my correct answer to a wrong one?

Yes, who will change Rajaram’s correct answer to a wrong one?

Yes, what will Sundar do with his seating superstitions?

Yes, will Rajaram wear the Malaysia T-shirt at home on Independence Day?

Yes, Landmark goes all India this year.

Yes, we have registered for Landmark this year.

Yes, so sad that Rajaram will not make it this year.

Yes, I am feeling a lump in my throat to be there without Rajaram.

Yes, but I will be there—for Rajaram’s sake.

Yes, this will be my first there without Rajaram.

Yes, this will be his first not being there with me.

Yes, every single point we get will be dedicated to Rajaram.

Yes, every single miss will also be blamed on Rajaram.

Yes, without Rajaram, it is indeed a Landmark Landmark!


Blogger Vaidehi.S said...

This one is fantastic Joshi!


Blogger rajaram said...


idhu konjam adhigamonnu thonudhu....

btw, didn't landmark go national last year itself?

Blogger madras maverick said...


Good luck and best wishes. When you get a chance please share the questions?


Blogger Samanth said...

Very nice post! :-)

Blogger Quizzerix said...

Just read this post..nice one!!
And your blog is fun to read :)


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